Meet The Team


Writer & Director

Kristy is the Director of new media company, Sweary Canary. She is the writer, producer, director, and host of How to Know If You’re Dating A Narcissist, which is her first web series and the first time she has worked in front and behind camera at the same time. In addition to experience at the […]


Derek the Narcissist

Septimus (Sep) Caton is an actor and composer. He graduated from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) with a degree in Performing Arts (Acting) in 1999 and has appeared in numerous projects including, JAG, Cybergirl, Underbelly: Chopper and Laid. Septimus has made his career working across television, film, theatre and V.O. and can be […]




In 2010, Kristy created her first short, Something Fishy under the name Seraphic Films. The short was a great success and she continued to dream up ideas bigger than Ben Hur until her career in front of camera became so busy, she had to put her filmmaking dreams on hold.

Finally, 8 years later, bursting at the seams to make something – anything! Kristy hammered out a series on a plane trip from Oslo to Sydney. The series would be, How to Know If You’re Dating a Narcissist.

Believing she needed a new company name – as much as she treasured her memories working under Seraphic Films – Kristy went to work brainstorming names when the solution came to her in conversation.

Kristy was excusing her bad language in front of a new friend and referred to herself as “a bit of a Sweary Canary”, only to realise “Sweary Canary” was the perfect name. Not only is Kristy a bit of a swear pot, she also talks non stop… A bit like a canary!

Once Screen Australia came on board to support post-production of How to Know If You’re Dating a Narcissist, the name and company become official. So here we are!

Kristy has always had a penchant for dark comedy. Her first short Something Fishy reflects this and she intends to continue to make dark comedy and dark concepts via Sweary Canary.

Kristy’s twisted perspective is an important touchstone in building a company that will engage audiences in a unique way.

Although we are primarily a comedy focused media company, we see ourselves moving into our other favourite genres of horror and thriller in order to tell the darker stories we wish to tell.

We are incredibly grateful to have a post-production partner in Deadhouse Films, working alongside Enzo Tedeschi and a marketing partner in Legion Of Creatives (USA). Both companies create excellent digital projects and we cannot wait to grow with the help of our new partners in crime.