How to Know If You’re Dating a Narcissist, may be a lifestyle parody but the cringe-worthy re-enactments and anecdotes throughout, are directly ripped from the life of Kristy Best.

For those that know Kristy, it’s not so surprising. Her friends have sat through many brunches, coffees and late night d&m’s where the details of all her tragic encounters have been shared.

For those that are yet to get to know her, you may just find a kindred spirit. Like Kristy will tell you, there’s no harm in bonding over relationship drama but there’s every harm in not doing anything about it. She’s not about to let you keep doing this to yourself.

Kristy fixed her life. Well, her dating life… The rest is a work-in-progress. And this series is to help you do the same.

This may seem like a huge departure from her time hosting kids TV shows, but really it’s not. She was this much of a fuck-up, then too. She’s just very good at smiling when need be, like a lot of us.

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